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Leica Blizzard Ver.4
An Electric Hearts Character

Design Concept:

  • Category: Space-oriented android
  • Model species: Reindeer + Gazelle
  • Elements: Snowflake, Wind, Stream, Traditional Chinese clothing.


  • Horns / Ears: Antennas
  • Hair: Battery expansion modules / Heatsink
  • Skin: Stellar light power generating fabric (black)
  • Sleeves: Compressed air tank for thrusters
  • Long sleeves: Air tank expansion modules
  • Rings on the sleeves of combat mode: Force ring (will explain later)

In old versions she had different names as I develop her character: Enka Phoenix / Yanhua Phoenix / Aeon Xing and more. Her former color schemes are red-white-black. It has been a long way and she is now a totally different character.